Look Into Thinking and Process that Drives the Superior Services – TrueSphere – Becomes More Special

04 February 2024

As fast-evolving technology including artificial intelligence (AI) has flooded the business landscape, enterprises have tried to ride the wave in their bid to best respond to the needs of their customers. But robots are still unable to replace humans when it comes to answering emotional needs, showing empathy, and solving issues that have just arisen.


True Blog sat down with Sujitra Amitrapai, Head of TrueSphere and Branding Shop at True Corporation

Plc on how she ensured the delivery of heartfelt, data-driven premium services to all customers.

Customer-Centric Approach

Sujitra, a “protégé” of True Corporation, first joined the company as a junior employee. Back then, she was responsible for selling ad media of paid-TV arm TrueVisions. However, as her company’s group has had a diverse range of businesses, she also got a role as a TNN newscaster. But apart from reading news inside a studio, she also went out to gather information and make live news broadcast herself. All those experiences had fulfilled her childhood dream.


But her career path turned a new page because she was granted a “True-ABAC Entrepreneur Scholarship” to study for a Master of Business Administration. Following her graduation, True’s executives asked if she was interested in retail management and offered her the manager post at the latest True Branding Shop in town. The offer had much significance because the shop was located at Siam Center. She also became a pioneer in one of her company’s key projects – “Taokae Noi” (Management Trainee under CP Group’s CEO)

According to Sujitra, “Siam” area that includes MBK, Siam Square, Siam Center and Siam Paragon has long been considered a strategic location with fierce competition as ‘Red Zone’. Fighting for customers are similar outlets operated by not just competitors but also True itself. Customers in the area have usually had high expectations too. As the Shop Manager at Siam Center, she faced a lot of pressure. But thanks to her focus on differentiation, her shop managed to steal market share from others.


“Although I had never worked in retail field before, I considered this challenging offer an opportunity. That’s why I grabbed it,” Sujitra said, “I also proved soon later that the customer-centric approach truly worked. The outside-in perspectives made us know what customers wanted. Then, we could mix or adjust our product / service offerings to best respond to their needs. When I implemented this approach at my shop, it became the biggest seller of iPhones”.  


After three years as the shop manager, Sujitra was appointed a “district manager”. As she gradually climbed up her career ladders, the number of shops under her supervision is no longer just one. Today, there are so many outlets under her guidance and they are located across Thailand. Her current job therefore is much tougher. But she appreciates this “challenge” because the current job has enabled her to see the diverse needs of customers in different areas. To her, she has thus received “opportunities” to satisfy all those customers without compromising the standards of Truesphere & True Branding Shop – which are in fact True Corporation’s strategic selling tools.

What is behind TrueSphere?

Sujitra recounted that in 2016, Suphachai Chearavanont – then-President of True Corporation – initiated TrueSphere to deliver exclusive services to his company’s long-time customers. TrueSphere was expected to “be different and creative” and positioned as “First Class Co-Working Destination” for the new generation.

TrueSphere was initially accessible to Black Card holders only. To become Black Card members, customers must have already used True services for at least six months and spent more than 3,000 baht per billing cycle. Their bill can cover TrueMove H, TrueOnline and TrueVisions. But after the amalgamation of True and dtac, this exclusive service has been made available to dtac’s Blue Members too.


Sujitra disclosed that TrueSphere served a complimentary True Welcome Set to each eligible customer four times a month. The set presents a variety of drinks and fragrant almond oatmeal cookies. Better still, customers are entitled to various other privileges from TrueYou like car-washing services, discounts at restaurants, and personal-assistant services.


“Whenever customers walk into TrueSphere for a hangout, a business discussion, or leisure, they will enjoy new experience because our space is a truly First Class Co-Working Destination,” she continued.


Why is TrueSphere “First Class”? Sujitra’s answer was ““2Ps”. The first P is Privilege. Customers who can access TrueSpere get tangible privileges that are exemplified by elegant and warm décor. The space also exudes privacy. The other P is People or Personnel, which have crucial importance to the delivery of services.

TrueSphere DNA Stands for Superior Services

Sujitra said TrueSphere staff had undergone stringent selection process, which focused on their qualifications and work experience. While candidates having airline and hospitality background enjoy an advantage, personality, composure, quick wits, and attitudes are also key criteria. Sujitra interviewed all TrueSphere candidates herself.


“Our interview generally has four to five key questions like ‘How do you describe yourself?’, ‘What do you think of yourself?’, ‘What are your strengths?” and “What are your weaknesses?’. These questions test candidates’ sincerity, self-awareness, and frankness because such qualities can contribute to the delivery of excellent services,” Sujitra continued.


All staff at TrueSphere have received technical training to get skills needed for their jobs. They, moreover, are given “TrueSphere DNA” via specialized training that is focused on service excellence. Addressing all aspects of services, staff are even trained in how to serve Fine-Dining dishes, solve problems at hand, and translate positive inner feelings into perceivable elements. The training has been developed through True Corporation’s collaboration with the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Hotel. TrueSpehere has also arranged for Thailand’s leading personality training Rossukon “Kru Ngor” Gonggate to provide “Inner to Outer” training to its staff.

React Right

Training for each batch of new TrueSphere staff has been extensive. Different scenarios have been created to hone staff’s skills for proper response to each of various possible incidents. Trainers have monitored and evaluated staff’s decision-making and problem-solving skills during such training.

Why does TrueSphere place a strong emphasis on decision-making skills? Sujitra said these skills had much importance because anything could happen. Thailand already saw two shooting sprees, first in Nakhon Ratchasima in 2020 and again last year. Both incidents happened in the heart of the towns, with staff and customers at TrueSphere facing risks of extreme violence and struggling for survival. In such violent incidents, customer safety is the top priority with staff expected to handle the challenge of controlling the situation well. Live broadcasts on social media are common in the digital age but staff must be calm and cautious of what can endanger the safety of customers under their care. TrueSphere staff must provide assistance and stop confusion while waiting for landlords’ signal that it is safe to leave the place.

There are now 12 TrueSphere outlets in Thailand. They are located at EmQuartier, Siam Paragon, Central Westgate, Mega Bangna, Future Park Rangsit, Central EastVille, CentralWorld, ICONSIAM, Blue Port Hua Hin Resort Mall, CentralPlaza Nakhon Ratchasima, Happy and Healthy Bike Lane, and The Emsphere. The latest branch at The Emsphere embraces the concept of futuristic innovations to visualize what a Telco-Tech firm is.