Littering e-Waste Responsibly Is Truly Heartening (TinkTookTee DTorJai), True Corporation Invites You to Discard e-Waste and Choose to Receive a Cherished Privilege from 11 Renowned Brands, Ensuring to Enter a 100% Proper Recycling Process

20 June 2024

Bangkok, June 21st, 2024 – True Corporation Plc, Thailand’s leading telecom-tech company, committed to managing and minimizing environmental impacts, invites participation in the “TinkTookTee DTorJai” project, the new episode that elevates cooperation with leading partner networks, offering exclusive rewards that touch the heart. Participants can choose to Drop for Rewards” and choose from 11 renowned brands including Duang360, Dunkin, Golden Cup, McDonald’s, NARS, SF Cinema, Sukishi Korean Charcoal Grill, Tao Bin, TrueCoffee, True Space, and Viu, by bringing old smart phones, mobile phones, accessories and micro electrical devices no longer in use, including new types of e-Waste like IoT devices, to designated e-Waste points available at 155 branches of True Shops, True Branding Shops, TrueSphere, and dtac shops nationwide, to ensure proper recycling processes, safely and in compliance with international standards, supported by All Now Logistics and SK Tes Thailand. Let’s move forward with the Zero e-Waste to Landfill mission together, from June 22nd to December 31st, 2024. For more details, please visit


Mr Manat Manavutiveth, Chief Executive Officer of True Corporation Plc said that “With True Corporation’s dedication as Thai tech company to conduct telecommunications business on sustainability development, encompassing all aspects, including the environment, we remain committed to managing electronic waste responsibly in a Zero e-Waste to Landfill practice that True and dtac have consistently conducted since 2555, collecting over 2 million pieces of e-Waste from customers and business operations. This year, we expanded our collaboration in the “TinkTookTee DTorJai” project with various partners, leading the mission to recycle electronic waste properly, 100% from start to finish. All Now Logistics supports nationwide e-Waste transportation to SK Tes Thailand, the leading e-Waste recycle company under an international standard, along with many other leading brands that will offer exclusive rewards to customers participating in the project. This emphasizes True’s intention to collaborate with all sectors and people in society to create a sustainable world together.”

Discover 11 Renowned Brands Offering Privileges with “e-Waste TinkTookTee DTorJai"

True and dtac customers who bring electronic waste to the e-Waste TinkTookTee DTorJai disposal points can the QR Code at True Shops, True Branding Shops, TrueSphere, True Space, and dtac shops, totaling 155 branches nationwide, to exchange for “Drop for Reward” from various leading brands via the True ID and dtac app, including:


  • Duang360– Free! 9 Theptewa Mahamongkol Wallpaper (select 1 from 9 designs worth 199 Baht) by Arjarn Prommayarn Rattayarnpimoke
  • Dunkin – Free 1 donut
  • Golden Cup – Discount 30 Baht when purchasing a set of 2 Golden Cup inhaler + 1 Golden Cup piggy bank, from the normal price of 75 Baht, now only 45 Baht with free shipping nationwide
  • McDonald’s – Buy a corn pie or a pineapple pie at 19 Baht from the normal price of 29 – 45 Baht (depending on the branch)
  • NARS – Free 1 time of Brow Service with NARS Make up Artist, worth 800 Baht
  • SF – Rights to apply for SF+ Package for free of charge
  • Sukishi Korean Charcoal Grill – Free salmon salad worth 200 Baht when dine at Sukishi Overload at all levels or A La Carte 500 Baht
  • Tao Bin – Free caramel milk drink (price 40 Baht) or caramel latte (price 45 Baht)
  • True Coffee – Discount 50 Baht for participating menu
  • True Space – Free 3-hour Co-working space or 50% discount for meeting room service
  • Viu – Watch free series for 7 days Viu Premium ncluding new Korean series, hit Korean series, Thai dubbed Korean series, Chinese series, Thai dubbed Chinese series, valued at 49


Drop e-Waste at the right place, ready to choose to receive special benefits right now! since June 22nd – December 31st, 2024, more details are available at



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