Guaranteed quality news station, winning viewers’ hearts, TNN Channel 16 has won the People’s TV Award for ‘Outstanding News Program’ for two consecutive years.

10 June 2024

Photo caption: (second from the left) Mr. Ongard Prapakamol, Head of TrueVisions & Media Division at True Corporation Public Company Limited and Director of TNN Channel 16, (far right) news expert host Mr. Jek Rattanatangtrakul, (second from the right) Ms. Kwanchanok Charoenphakupaisarn, and (far left) Ms. Chonthicha Assawanich, from the program “TNN Evening News.”


Bangkok June 10, 2024 – The number one quality news station, “TNN Channel 16,” continues to achieve success. The program “TNN Evening News,” which airs Monday through Sunday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, received the prestigious “Outstanding News Program” award at the 38th Golden Television Awards in 2023. The theme for this year was “The Spark of Success of 38 Years of Golden Television.” TNN Channel 16 has won this award for the second consecutive year, reflecting the trust in its news quality, which is “Up-to-date with the World, Economy, and Every Truth.” This recognition underscores the value and standards in news content production that TNN Channel 16 has consistently upheld for over 16 years. It also serves as an encouragement for both the front-line and behind-the-scenes news personnel to continue maintaining and enhancing quality content across all platforms, including TV and online. As a mass media outlet, TNN Channel 16 remains committed to delivering truthful news for the benefit of society.




The “Golden Television Awards” are organized by the Television Promotion Club of the Jamnong Rangsikul Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and the Safe and Creative Media Development Fund. These prestigious awards, now in their 38th year, represent the pinnacle of dedication and long-standing support for the success of television professionals. This year’s ceremony was held on June 8, 2024, in the Gallery Room, G Floor, National Gallery, Ministry of Culture.

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