True Corporation and NBTC Visit Modernized Cell Sites Delivering Superior Signal Quality for Customers

19 June 2024

  • Investments in new equipment improve signal strength while reducing environmental impact
  • Increase in base station frequencies support growing digital usage in Thailand



June 19, 2024 – True Corporation Plc welcomed representatives from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), led by Assoc. Prof. Somphop Purivigraipong, NBTC Commissioner, who visited signal towers to observe operations aimed at enhancing mobile networks following the integration of True and dtac in the Prawet District of Bangkok. Mr. Prathet Tankuranun, Chief Technology Officer, and Mr. Jirachai Kunakorn, Deputy Chief Technology Officer of True Corporation Plc, along with members of True’s executive team and staff, demonstrated the company’s ongoing upgrades to the latest 4G and 5G technologies.


This inspection confirmed that True Corporation has effectively developed its network to provide strong 5G and 4G mobile signal quality to customers. As part of the network modernization, certain locations have consolidated signal towers to reduce interference without reducing transmission equipment or base stations. Furthermore, there has been increased investment in modern equipment capable of handling both 5G and 4G frequencies, enhancing nationwide coverage.


Mr. Prathet Tankuranun, Chief Technology Officer of True Corporation Plc., said, “True and dtac have amalgamated into Thailand’s leading telecom-tech company and embarked on network modernization projects to enhance high-speed internet service efficiency on 5G and 4G mobile platforms. Our focus is on expanding coverage areas, improving signal quality and boosting speed through infrastructure integration. Our team has meticulously analyzed each region, assessing future usage to prioritize delivering the highest network quality. This effort also aims to reduce environmental impact. Currently, True Corporation provides the largest 5G network coverage in Thailand, covering 99% of the people in Bangkok, its metropolitan area, and the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), and 90% of the population nationwide.”


The network modernization and signal integration between True and dtac have significantly advanced Thailand’s leading telecom-tech company. Key achievements include:

  • Enhanced Service Quality and Modernized Equipment: By consolidating signal towers, the companies have reduced redundant infrastructure without decreasing the number of base stations or transmission equipment. Instead, they’ve upgraded equipment to improve service efficiency and strategically managed sites for greater effectiveness.
  • Expanded Service Coverage: Joint use of signal towers allows True and dtac to expand service coverage, particularly in remote areas.
  • Support for High-Speed Internet Technology: Integration of True’s and dtac’s signal towers enables rapid development and expansion of 5G and 4G networks. This includes increased deployment of frequency bands at base stations, enhancing overall network quality and speed.
  • Environmental Impact Reduction: Consolidating signal towers and adopting energy-efficient frequency management have minimized environmental impact by reducing energy consumption.


“Customer experience, particularly signal quality, is our top priority. True Corporation is committed to continuously developing a high-quality network, expanding service coverage, and efficiently utilizing frequency bands to ensure the highest service performance. We thank NBTC for their role in providing confidence to consumers that they will receive the best possible service,” Mr. Prathet concluded.