Change your life with the ultimate auspicious number from True 5G, ‘Numerology Era 9,’ aligning with your destiny, birthdate, and era to enhance your luck. Revealed by two nationally acclaimed masters, Ajarn Chang Thotsaphon and Ajarn Lucksan Ratchasi, unlock your number now! Available at True stores, True online shops, and every branch of dtac shops.

09 February 2024

Bangkok, February 9, 2024 – Welcoming the arrival of Fengshui Era 9… Numerology encompasses a total of 9 eras, each lasting 20 years. This year marks the beginning of Era 9 in a cycle of 160 years. Era 9 is associated with the element of fire, with the auspicious direction being the south. It symbolizes speed and will continue for another 20 years, adapting to the changes that will occur during this period. True 5G invites you to transform your life to the fullest by collaborating with two renowned nationally acclaimed masters, Ajarn Chang Thotsaphon Srithula and Ajarn Lucksan Ratchasi, in selecting “Numerology Era 9” tailored specifically to your destiny, birthdate, zodiac sign, and era, enhancing strengths, mitigating weaknesses, advancing your life, and ensuring continuous prosperity in love, career, and finances for the next 20 years.


Mrs. Nutta Phasupat, Head of  Mobile  Postpaid Division, True Corporation Plc, said that “In the current era, beliefs in close-to-heart superstitions can bring joy and comfort, bolstering spirits in everyday life. True cares deeply about every customer’s happiness, catering to preferences for beautiful and auspicious numbers, regardless of gender, age, or profession. Collaborating with two nationally acclaimed masters, Ajarn Chang Thotsaphon Srithula, a numerology market expert well-known to customers, and Ajarn Lucksan Ratchasi, the top astrologer, to meticulously select the most exceptional lucky numbers for this era. Introducing ‘Auspicious number Era 9,’ personalized specifically for you, only at True, to help foster progress and move forward with the power of the number 9, which in numerology enhances luck in various aspects such as career, education, finances, and love. These auspicious numbers will usher in luck for the upcoming Chinese New Year and continue to enhance life for the next 20 years, embracing Numerology Era 9.”


Auspicious Number” 9 designed by the astrology of Professor Chang Thotsaphon Srithula.

  • “Your Personal Lucky Number” calculates a number based on your birth date and national identification number specifically tailored to match your fate. This number is unique to each individual and will suggest a number that is suitable for your destiny, answering the call of the Number 9 Choose to activate a new number with a monthly package starting at just 499 baht per month. Select “Your Personal Lucky Number” at
  • “The Ultimate Auspicious Number 9” is the pinnacle of lucky numbers for the Number 9 era, specifically designed to cater to the needs of this era. Curated by Professor Chang Thotsaphon Srithula, these lucky numbers begin and end with 9, ensuring favorable outcomes for all numbers. Customers can choose from various options, including beautiful numbers with favorable sums, special pairs of lucky numbers with 6 pairs, and beautiful numbers with favorable sums, as well as special pairs of lucky numbers with 8 Start anew with a monthly package starting at just 1,199 baht per month. Select “The Ultimate Auspicious Number 9” at


The Divine Flagship Number” is the only lucky number in Thailand that has been blessed through a ritual with the divine beings, especially on this Chinese New Year. Each number of “The Divine Flagship Number” has undergone a blessing ritual by Ajarn Luang Ratchasit.


This ritual enhances fate and strengthens life in the Number 9 era, increasing the chances of success. Choose a number with the digit 9 and select blessings from the five divine beings you believe in and aspects you want to strengthen:

1.Phra Tri Murati: Enhances love, power, and prosperity.

2.Phra Narai Song Khrut Prathap Phra Rahhu: Enhances status, position, and protects from disasters and dangers.

3.Thao Wirupak Kho Thi Bodi: Enhances wealth, gold, and popular acclaim.

4.Thao Wes Suwan: Enhances luck, prosperity, and protects from dangers.

5.Teppha Phra Rahhu Song Khrut: Enhances vision, transforms evil into good fortune, brings luck, and renown.

Start anew with a monthly package starting at just 499 baht per month. Choose “The Divine Flagship Number” at


Furthermore, customers can also choose to enhance their luck in the Number 9 era with many other popular lucky numbers. Simply selecting a mobile number with the digit 9 will allow them to activate the power of the Number 9 era.


Introducing “Auspicious Number 9” from True 5G, bringing auspiciousness to you before anyone else! Now, you can enhance your life’s energy with luck and stride forward for the next 20 years starting today! Available on the True Store, dtac online store, or at True shops and dtac shops in every branch.


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