Embark on a journey to uncover the story of the first signal tower on Koh Nokpao, Surat Thani Province.

03 April 2024

When summer comes around, many people plan to escape the heat by heading to the beach, and if they think of visiting beautiful islands, Surat Thani Province is likely on their minds. This is because Surat Thani is the province with the most islands in the Gulf of Thailand, totaling up to 108 islands!

While tourists often aim for the well-known islands in the province like Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Nang Yuan, and Koh Tao, we want to take you to explore the hundreds of smaller islands that have been somewhat overlooked. These could be considered ‘hidden gems’, but here, there are stories waiting to be heard.


Before embarking on a journey to our destination, let’s share some insights into the data usage growth of Surat Thani Province. The Business Network Intelligence Center (BNIC), an AI-powered analytics hub by True Corporation, has analyzed the usage behaviors and trends of data usage across all provinces in the country. It was found that Surat Thani ranks 3rd in terms of data usage growth, with an increase of approximately 20% (following Phuket and Suphan Buri). This growth aligns with the rising popularity of tourism in the southern region.

True Surat Thani 2

When arriving in the city, the journey typically begins with a visit to the landmark of Surat Thani, the Main Shrine of the City. This significant place, rich in beauty, stands out with its Sriwichai architectural style and intricately carved main pillars made from Ratchaphruek wood. At the top of the pillars are carvings depicting the Buddha’s resting posture of Avlokitesvara, which attracts many tourists and locals throughout the day.

When you’re down south, you have to indulge in some seafood right in the middle of the sea! Take a boat ride about 3 kilometers offshore to enjoy the delightful life of fishermen at ‘Sinmana Farm’. This oyster farm is renowned for its perfectly sized oysters with the qualities of being ‘white, plump, and clean’. The hosts are always ready to provide guidance on how to enjoy the oysters to their fullest. Experiences like these are worth sharing on social media in real-time. Even though you’re far from the shore, there’s still a reliable True signal that won’t let you down.

True Koh Nok Phao

“Koh Nokpao” island is the pivotal destination of the trip. This small island is located in the Gulf of Thailand, within the area of Don Sak Subdistrict, Don Sak District, Surat Thani Province. It takes about 30 minutes by boat from Don Sak Pier. Upon arrival, you’ll experience the serene atmosphere of the sandy beach, surrounded by pristine clear waters. Looking onto the island, you’ll see lush green hills. It can be said that here, nature is beautifully complete.

True Koh Nok Phao

Currently, the population on Koh Nokpao remains predominantly composed of original villagers residing in small communities, totaling around 40 households or approximately 100 people. Most of them are engaged in traditional fishing occupations. However, there are also homestay accommodations available to welcome nature-loving tourists seeking tranquility and peace.

Koh Nok Phao Homestay

Seth, the owner of Koh Koh Nokpao Homestay, recounted that in the past, there was hardly any mobile phone signal on the island, and there was no internet signal at all. Communication was extremely difficult. One day, Seth took a group of tourists diving and shared this story. It turned out that a man in that trip offered to help. Three months later, a team from True came to install the first signal tower.

the first signal tower on Koh Nok Phao by True

The first signal tower on Koh Nokpao, installed by True, utilizes solar energy to support eco-tourism. As a result, the small community on the island now enjoys quality mobile and internet services, allowing seamless communication at all times. Teachers and students benefit from educational resources, while business owners like Seth can promote their homestays online, becoming known to both local and international tourists. This has generated income for the small businesses within the community.

True Surat Thani

Currently, Surat Thani Province has installed and utilizes solar-powered signal towers, accounting for 6% of all True’s towers. This initiative is a step towards Net Zero, aiming to conserve electricity and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, while supporting sustainable eco-tourism. Additionally, True has expanded signal coverage to encompass coastal areas, islands, and offshore locations, ensuring convenient access for tourists and local residents alike.

True Surat Thani
True Surat Thani

Despite being known as the ‘City of a Hundred Islands’, there are also excellent places to visit on the mainland coast. If you want to enjoy the river breeze and observe the traditional way of life of local fishermen as they venture out to catch fish, you must visit Brown Sugar Café. It offers a pleasant atmosphere by the Tapi River, with panoramic views of the islands in the middle of the water and the Sri Ta Pee Bridge. There are plenty of cozy seating areas, along with delicious drinks and cakes served. What’s more, there are special promotions for True and Dtac customers as well.

True Surat Thani

This summer and throughout the year, Surat Thani eagerly welcomes everyone to come and experience the beauty of nature and the unique way of life that cannot be fully captured in photographs. Visiting in person is an experience that cannot be replicated.

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