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05 October 2023

Bangkok September 7th, 2023  –  In the era when various countries aim to increase the competitive edge on innovation and technology to push their economy forward, elevating knowledge and digital skills is undeniably an urgent issue to catch up with the on-going changes in the digital lifestyle.



Currently, many organizations are adapting more digital technology to their operations. Therefore, job seekers must be more equipped with new ways of work and updated knowledge to align with the demand in the labor market. True Digital Academy led  by Mr. Thanaroajh Amarahghulzade Head of Market Solutions said that the demand in digital skills are continuously increasing which consisted of  1. Data Analytics 2. Programming 3. Digital Marketing 4. Product Management 5. Agile Way of Work and 6. UX Design. Those who are interested in the mentioned skills could look for own career identity through quiz Find Your DigiYou at  to seek suitable career that should be developed for more achievement opportunity.



True Digital Academy, an institution to develop digital skills for personnel and organizations in order to elevate the digital infrastructure of Thailand jointly gives a special talk in the HACKaTHAILAND 2023: DIGITAL INFINITY under the Fueling the Future: Empowering the Next Generation of Digital Talents topic. The service started since 2020 with over 30,000 students joined the course. In November, a new project to help young generation reach their dream will be available, grooming the students to be ready for digital career including

·  Young Innovator Bootcamp 2nd generation to develop digital skills for high school students to study and have hands-on training from “Think” theme to train innovative thinking, “Watch” in an actual space, “Do” create a model and present through design tools.

·  PROFILE POWERUP for students and young generation who look for first job, this project will match profile with over 60 companies in the line of technology and start-ups along with creating tech network, opportunity for scholarship from True Digital Academy. A special activity 1-Day CV Clinic will be conducted by experts who will provide intense tutoring, techniques to get your dream job from drafting resume or CV, highlighting your strength, training for actual interview and one-on-one advices.  Interested to develop your potential for growth, visit

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